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David J. Utlak, MD
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Curriculum Vitae

Education:        High School:  St. Ignatius High School, graduated 1970

                         College:  Kenyon College, graduated B.A. with Honors, 1974

                                      Won 9 Varsity Letters in Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse, and

                                      Captain of the Wrestling Team


Medical Training: Ohio State University Medical School, 1974-1978, Honors in Medicine

                            Internship in Internal Medicine -- Ohio State University Hospital, 1978-1979

                            Residency in Internal Medicine -- Ohio State University Hospital, 1979-1981

                            Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine, 1981

                            Fellowship in Cardiology -- Ohio State University Hospital, 1981-1983

                            Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine

                                       (Cardiovascular Disease), 1983


Medical Practice: Began Private Cardiology Practice in Canton, Ohio, November 1983

                           Formed Stark County Cardiology, Inc., 1990

                           Formed Ohio Heart Care, Inc., 1993

                           Formed United Health Network, Ltd., 1996

                           Presently President and Managing Physician of Ohio Heart Care, Inc.

                           United Health Network Clinical Research Associates –

                                    Principal and Subinvestigator, January 1998-2003

                           Expert Witness on Medico-Legal issues on

                                    both the defense and plaintiff’s side, 1990 - present


Organizations:  Member, American Heart Association

                        Fellow, American College of Cardiology

                        Member, Board of Trustees, Stark County Medical Society, 1985-Present

                        Emeritus Board Member, Stark County Medical Society, 2001-indefinite

                        Member and Delegate, Ohio State Medical Association

                        Past President, Canton Academy of Medicine, 1986-1987

                        Past President, Stark County Medical Society, 1990

                        Member, Board of Trustees,

                                    Ohio Chapter of the American College of Cardiology, 1990-1996

                        Past Chairman, Medical Division of the Finance Committee,

                                    Stark County Republican Party

                        Past Member, Board of Trustees, Ohio Cardiology Council

                        Medical Director, Cath Lab, Timken Mercy Medical Center, 1990-1993

                        Member, Board of Trustees, Ohio State Medical Association, 1993-2002

                        Member, National Focus Group on Managed Care,

                                    American College of Cardiology, 1994

                        Member, Board of Trustees,

                                    Ohio Quality Cardiac Care Foundation, 1995-1997

                        Chair, Ohio Chapter American College of Cardiology

                                     Private Sector Committee, 1991-1993

                        Chair, Reference Committee #1,

                                    Ohio State Medical Association Annual Meeting, 1991

                        Alternate Delegate,

                                    Ohio Delegation to American Medical Association, 1992-1995


                                     Ohio Delegation, American Medical Association, 1996 - 2004

                        Member, American Medical Association Section Council on

                                    Cardiovascular Disease, 1996-Present

                                    (Representing the American College of Cardiology to the

                                    American Medical Association House of Delegates on Policy Issues)

                        Chair, Reference Committee G on Medical Services,

                                    American Medical Association Annual Meeting, (Chicago), 2002



Publications:    Let the Debate Begin….

                                    OHIO MEDICINE, Vol. 83, No. 8, August 1987: 507-510

                        Postural Exercise Abnormalities in Symptomatic Patients With Mitral Valve

                                    Prolapse, Thomas M. Bashsore, MD, FACC, Cindy L. Grines, MD,

                                    David J. Utlak, MD, FACC, Harisilos Boudoulas, MD, FACC, Charles

                                    Wooley, MD, FACC, JACC, Vol. 11, No. 3, March 1988:499-507


Offices:            Past President, Ohio State Medical Association, 2000-Present

                        President, Ohio State Medical Association, 1999-2000

                        President-Elect, Ohio State Medical Association, 1998

                        Board Member, Ohio State Medical Association, 1993-2001

                        President and Managing Physician, Ohio Heart Care, Inc.