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Same Day Office Visits                       Surgical Clearance


OHC's cardiologists will see any patient in OHC's office the same day you call

or we will schedule the patient as soon as it is convenient for the patient and you. 

Please call the office to make an appointment. 


When you make the appointment, please provide us with the patient's name, address, phone number,  date of birth, SS#, pertinent medical information and insurance information. 

You can fax us (330-492-1025) the patient's demographic sheet and insurance cards if that is more convenient for you.


Same Day Office Testing - Results to you that day or the next morning

Ohio Heart Care will make room to test your patient. 

There is not any need to wait for your ordered test to be done in a timely manner.


Ohio Heart Care's full line of comprehensive testing is at your service, to aid you in diagnosing your patient's condition.

Stress Testing can be performed the same day, if a Regular non-nuclear stress test is ordered

        *if a Nuclear Stress Test is ordered before 11:00 am

                                (doses need to be ordered and delivered prior to the patient's arrival)

            and the patient has not consumed dairy or caffeine that day

            the test will be performed that afternoon


All other testing is available to you as soon as the patient can arrive, provided it is before 4:00 pm


Stress Testing Echocardiography
Impedance Cardiography (ICG) Carotid Studies
Holter Monitoring Analysis & Reporting PA & Lat Chest X-rays
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring 30 Day Event Monitoring

Surgical Clearance - Fast Service

Ohio Heart Care's same day service and on-site testing allow our cardiologists to provide swift evaluation of your patient's cardiac status.  In most cases, the surgeon will have test results and a clearance in under two days, sometimes, the same day.