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BioZ ICG Impedance Cardiography

CardioDynamics 1998
As blood enters and leaves the aorta with each heartbeat, changes in impedance are processed to measure and calculate hemodynamic parameters.

How ICG Works:

  • Disposable sensors transmit a small electrical signal through the thorax
  • Impedance (resistance) to the electrical signal is measured and displayed as the ICG waveform
  • As volume and velocity of blood in the aorta change with each heartbeat, DISQ (Digital Impedance Signal Quantifier) Technology processes the changes in impedance
  • The changes in impedance are applied to the innovative Z MARC (Modulating AoRtic Compliance) Algorithm to provide hemodynamic parameters, including:

    • Cardiac Output
    • Stroke Volume
    • Systemic Vascular Resistance
    • Contractility
    • Fluid Status