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CardioNet MCOT

Once prescribed CardioNet MCOT™, patients wear CardioNet MCOT for up to 30 days of monitoring. CardioNet monitors patients 24 hours a day via the small sensor and monitor the patient wears as they continue with their normal daily routine. As events occur, patient activity is automatically transmitted to the CardioNet Monitoring Center for analysis and response.

The CardioNet Monitoring Center provides physicians with the succinct, integrated information they need for diagnosis and therapy management. The physician selects the events to be monitored, and the level and timing of response by the CardioNet Center – from routine daily reporting to stat reports. Physicians can receive the data via fax or the Internet. Reports have been designed to allow rapid review of results, graphing related data and trends.

Here is a video that explains the monitor and the process


Click the play button in the window to see an overview of the CardioNet system.

Please note, CardioNet is not an emergency service. If you feel you need immediate emergency assistance, you should contact the emergency medical services in your area.